Product development

Texor has extensive experience of manufacturing in stainless steel as well as manufacturing chromatography columns. Product development is carried out in association with the customer, although Texor’s core competence is in the production adaptation of complicated products and systems. The purpose is to achieve optimized and cost-effective production with an optimal flow in the process.

Design and construction

As a result of the acquisition of Zetterströms Rostfria AB, Texor has access to design and construction competence. Zetterströms has five design and construction engineers, who together have more than 30 years of experience in designing tanks, pressure vessels, columns, WFI systems and CIP/SIP systems for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.


Texor assumes overall responsibility for all the documentation required by the customer and the authorities. The package of documents is distributed together with the goods and shipment.
Examples of documents are certificates, test reports, traceability protocols and manuals. The documents are delivered according to customer requirements: electronically, on CD or on paper in binders.